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Volkswagen golf wheel bearing replacement

How to replace / change front wheel bearings VW Golf 5 Mk5, Jetta in 13 steps

To change the front wheel bearings on a VW Golf Mk5, Jetta is not so complicated if you have the proper tools. Learn how to do it in the video tutorial:

  • A pneumatic pistol or a (big) ratchet
  • 16, 17, 27 mm sockets
  • Torx M12
  • A flat blade screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver
  • Anti rust spray

Before you start doing that, you have to jack the car up so that the rear wheels are off the ground.

STEP 1: remove the wheel by unscrewing the 5 screws with a 17 mm socket

STEP 2: block the brake disc using a flat blade screwdriver and remove the screw using a Phillips screwdriver

To loosen more easier, you can apply some hammer hits

STEP 4: remove the two screws of the brake caliper bracket and take it out of the brake disc

Push the pistons sideways using a flat screwdriver and take the brake caliper bracket out from the brake disc

STEP 7: remove those three screws (using a 16 mm socket) from the lower control arm

Push down the lower control arm and take the drive shaft out from the steering knuckle

STEP 8: remove those four screws from the hub bearing unit using an M16 Torx

To loosen more easier, you can apply some easy hammer hits

STEP 9: replace the old hub bearing unit with the new one and put the new screws back

You can clean the bearing place using a flat blade screwdriver and an anti rust spray

Put the drive shaft back in the steering knuckle and fix the new hub bearing unit

STEP 10: put the 3 screws back on the lower control arm

STEP 11: tighten the axle bolt (to about 120 ft lbs)

STEP 12: put the brake disc back and also the screw

Don’t forget to attach the wear sensor to harness and put the wheel back on