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Volkswagen golf suspension kits

Suspension components are one of the most overlooked aspect for maintenance on a vehicle. With all the work that your front suspension does, it's best to keep it in top shape to keep you safe.

The Stage 3 suspension refresh kit assembled by ECS tuning has everything you need to start to get your vehicle back to factory handling. No matter how old your car is, it is possible to restore steering feel, suspension feel, and a regain a great ride.

All the stock components will deteriorate, especially after a number of years. The experts at ECS have assembled this kit to get your suspension back to stock feel.

  • Lower Ball Joints with hardware
  • Lower Control Arms with brand new bushings
  • Lower Control Arm hardware
  • Complete Tie Rod Assemblies
  • Upper Strut Mounts
  • All Necessary hardware including camber bolt

This kit also includes the OEM control arm stretch bolts which are recommended by Volkswagen not to be reused once being removed.