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There is a conundrum to be faced in motoring, and one that we think is highly relevant to the kind of activities featured in Volkswagen Golf Plus. Do you go for a cheaper base car with the top spec possible, or a more expensive base but settle for a cheaper package and lower spec? It's a difficult one to answer, with both choices having advantages and disadvantages. This magazine has a great answer to it however. What you do is buy a reasonably cheap car (by reasonably cheap we simply mean something not quite in the area of Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini), perhaps maybe even a Golf (of course a Golf, they are fantastic cars!), and spend the rest of the money you would have spent on an expensive car modifying, upgrading and customising it to your heart's content. Do this and you'll not only end up with a car that is probably as quick and good as the more expensive model, but one that is unique to you and that you have given a little bit of soul to. Sounds like the perfect solution to the conundrum if you ask us! More Info >>