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7-seater is a spacious passenger car oriented on transportation of big families or groups of people with lots of luggage around Hoogeveen, Netherlands.

  • 7 passenger seats placed in 3 rows
  • Huge trunk
  • 5-doored/sliding doors
  • The ability to remove seats and increase luggage compartment
  • High safety level
  • Low ground clearance.

7-seater car group is introduced by the following car models:

  • Ford Galaxy
  • Opel Zafira
  • Toyota Verso
  • Toyota Previa
  • Toyota Innova
  • Chrysler Grand Voyager
  • Renault Espace
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Mazda CX9
  • Nissan Qashqai.

The major idea of 7-seater vehicles is a combination of such characteristics as high passenger and luggage capacity, safety, comfort, mobility and economy.

Road performance of 6-seaters is similar to estate cars. Due to the transformation mechanism, typical for cars of this group, sometimes the same car models can be introduced as 6-seater, 7-seater and 8-seater minivans at once.

Moreover, some car models of the SUV group (e.g. Nissan Qashqai) are often referred to 6-seater and 7-seater vehicles.

You can benefit from 7-seater rental car in Hoogeveen, Netherlands if you:

  • Need a spacious vehicle for up to 7 people
  • Want your passengers to feel safe and comfortable on the long-distance road trips
  • Plan to take lots of luggage.

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Where can I pick up a 7-seater car in Hoogeveen, Netherlands?

You can instantly decide on the most convenient spot to pick-up your 7-seater vehicle by checking out the list of the available locations below.

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Most car hire companies don’t provide 7-seater vehicles to under 25 years old drivers. Sometimes drivers need to reach minimum 26 and even 28 years of age to be able to book a 7-seater vehicle.

However, the age requirements may differ depending on location, and some companies can provide their 7-seaters even to 21 year-old drivers. In this case, a company usually requires 21-24 (25) years old drivers to pay young driver’s age fee.

Anyway, it’s always recommended to check the exact age requirements in the rental conditions for particular 7-seater car model.

Options to add to a 7-seater car rental in Hoogeveen, Netherlands

Suffer from a disability to easily find the right way in the new areas? Planning to visit a snowy destination or take small kids with you? Your trip will definitely go smoothly if you simply include some supplementary options to your vehicle:

  • Infant Seat
  • Child Seat
  • Booster Seat
  • GPS unit
  • Ski rack
  • Snow tires
  • Snow chains
  • Additional driver.

Due to the limited vehicle fleet in a certain area, it’s a big challenge for car rental vendors to provide a particular car model to every customer. Therefore, usually you are guaranteed to get a vehicle only of a particular class or group.

Though sometimes there are guaranteed car models available on the website. So, if you book this kind of deal, you will get exactly the vehicle which was displayed online.