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Volkswagen golf cd player not working

Got in for a drive today and none of the CDs want to play in my 6 cd changer - never had this problem before. tape and radio work fine.

I have tried taking all cds out and then back in again but will not play anyone in any slot. Does anyone have any clues i.e. could it be something to do with 'burnt' cds??

I had a similar problem last week. The cd player just stopped working, gave back error codes on the radio, my cd's are all burned too, and then, the day after the whole radio stopped working, just completely died. very strange so i checked the fuses by the door and they were fine. I then bought some radio removal pins off ebay and pulled out the radio when they arrived. this has its own 10 amp fuse on the back, which turned out to be fine, so i dis-connected all the leads, gave all the connections a quick blow, re-connected it all and hey presto, it started working.

really odd why it happened as all connections seemed fine but whatever i did, it did the trick. hope that helps. the pins were only £4 or so including delivery.

nice one. will give it a try - can't live without music.

nice one. will give it a try - can't live without music!!

The same thing happend on my old 4 motion, VW said that the CD authochager (dash mounted) was very robust and will out-live the car. Failing that they said they want £600 for a new unit -

Even funnier was that VW said that their autochanger won't play copied CD's and this was the reason for the error code -.

Anyway two days later, it all started working again, had the car for another year after with no issues - How very strange.

totally agree about the v6 wail. rarely have the CD player on but occasionally I need calming and so could use a cd player. - and don't like to her to be found wanting for anything.

I keep praying it will start working as aburptly as it stopped. not paying VW a penny for it - had a few issues lately and trust in that they will pay.

As for burnt cd - are they for real. It has only be treated to the finest music burnt onto CD and so not an acceptable excuse from them!!

Will keep my fingers crossed that God is lloking upon me or failing that will unplug every wire in CD unit and see what happens:confused:

mine used to have no disc or disc error showing but vw replaced it under warranty due to the lasers being knackered. they play burnt cd's but not recommend them