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Volkswagen golf blue

Colour is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your new car. The right one will always look clean and sell easily, the wrong one will force you to spend every weekend cleaning it.

We’ve brought together every colour choice to help you select the perfect shade for your Volkswagen Golf. If you’re sold on its wealth of talents, put the Volkswagen Golf in our carwow configurator to see how much you could save. For more information on what solid, metallic and pearl paints are, read our car paint types guide .

Theres no messing about with fancy names here, so Volkswagen has stuck to ‘Black’ to name its non-metallic black shade. Does what it says on the tin, and should be ideal if you prefer your cars to have a low profile. If you’d like just a little more pep to the shade though, it’s probably worth spending the extra £535 for Deep Black Pearl paintwork.

If you’re familiar with the new Golf GTI. you’ll probably be familiar with Tornado Red, as many are specified in this colour. It’s the only truly vibrant shade among the non-metallic colours, so if you’re looking to stand out it’s pretty much your only option. Once again, there’s also a tempting metallic red available, Carmen Red.

Non-metallic grey isn’t a common colour on cars, and it isn’t hard to see why with the Golf. It may be free, but it’s also rather dull, the shade of a million fleet cars endlessly pounding motorways under monotonous overcast skies. This is one colour we’d certainly upgrade to metallic to avoid…

Crafty, Volkswagen, crafty. White is a fashionable shade right now, and while it’s a basic, free shade for most manufacturers, VW makes you pay extra. Price aside, there’s little to note here – it’s a typical crisp alpine white, which particularly suits more sporting models like the GT.

535 will get you any shade of metallic paint offered on the Golf. It’s an option many Golf buyers take – dealers rarely kept non-metallic cars in stock, with the previous generation Golf Mk6. It’s probably worth the extra outlay – metallic shades are desirable when buying used, so your car will be worth more once you’re done with it. Perhaps more importantly, it’ll look great on your driveway!

This shade of metallic red replaces the old Sunset Red Metallic. They’re both similar colours in reality, hard to tell apart on the road and graced with a deep finish that really shows off the car’s lines. Once again, it’s one of the few brighter shades available on the Golf, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to stand out.

Decided against Urano Grey? Good, as Limestone Grey is one of the colours you should be choosing instead. It’s a much deeper, more reflective colour than the dull non-metallic shade, and really picks up the natural light – giving off a blueish tint on a bright, clear day and almost gunmetal-coloured on darker days.

Volkswagen’s configurator doesn’t quite do Night Blue Metallic justice – it’s nowhere near as dull as it looks in the image. The colour varies between almost black, and a deep, rich blue with just a hint of metallic shimmer. Upgrade to a set of nice alloy wheels and you’ll have quite a classy-looking car.

Another great shade for the Golf, and the lightest you’ll find on non-Bluemotion models. It’s actually named for a shade that used to be available on the 1963 VW Beetle – but with metallic particles it’s perfectly suited to a modern shape like the Golf. Indeed, this was the colour VW used in all its early promotional materials for the Golf Mk7.

A carry-over from the previous Golf, and indeed most Golfs before that. A hugely popular shade and one that really suits the Golf’s lines – but due to its popularity, don’t expect it to stand out in the supermarket car park!

It’s hard to tell Tungsten Silver from Reflex Silver on Volkswagen’s configurator, but it’s actually a slightly deeper, darker shade with a real molten metal feel to it in some lighting conditions. Looks great on sportier models, and it’s a good alternative to the regular silver shade.

Available only on the Golf Bluemotion (and other Bluemotion models across the Volkswagen range), Clearwater Blue Metallic is the light blue shade used in all VW’s Bluemotion promotional materials. It’s a fresh, icy shade that looks great under bright light and suits the Bluemotion’s low-emissions ethos.

Theres only one standard pearl-effect colour on the Mk7 Golf, Deep Black Pearl. Pearl shades can look brilliant in the right light. Where metallic paint uses small metallic particles, pearl effect paints use tiny mica particles, that refract light to give a shimmering pearlescent finish – occasionally enough to offer slight colour-changing effects.

This one is very difficult to tell apart from the regular Black shade unless compared side-by-side – then, you’ll note the deeper finish that again, looks great under bright lights. It costs no more than the other metallic shades offered on the Golf, at £535.

Theres only one special effect paint on the Golf, and it’s only available on GT models and upward. You’ll pay a pretty penny for the privilege too!

If you want this shade then youll have to go for the top spec GT trim – and be prepared to pay almost a grand extra. Oryx White Premium started off as a Golf R shade, before moving to the Scirocco and later the Golf. It has a unique pearl texture that really shimmers in the sun.

Put the Volkswagen Golf in our carwow configurator to see what discounts are available. Read the full, aggregated Volkswagen Golf review to see what the UK’s motoring press makes of it. For more options, head over to our deals page or, if you’re still struggling to pick your next car, check out our car chooser .