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Volkswagen golf 08 plate

I made a post before asking a lot of questions, and many of you were looking forward to viewing the finished product.

My first car was an 2008 1.2 Polo Match as shown below:

After two years of a 3-Cylinder with only 60BHP! I finally bought a written off Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDi Match 2008 from eBay for a bargain! Here is how I bought it!

As I live in cardiff, I used a site called shiply and got the car picked up from Stoke-on-Trent.

As soon as I got insurance I was out on the street, and it felt like a buggatti compared with the 3 cyclnder polo was really impressed with the power. However, after around 40 miles of ragging it around, the car conked out, had to call the RAC to help me find the cause of the problem and it turned out to be no diesel in the car with the fuel gauge reading half full!

I decided not to go with the stock TDi look and went for a GTi front end and a R32 rear with in my opinion is the best combination!

I then invested in an R32 straight pipe, which I was very impressed with!

All of the bodywork has pretty much been completed, however was getting funny looks due to being on stock alloys with high suspension. So I sorted that with a pair of JOM coilovers

I have them wound all the way down, and to be honest, the ride quality is very good, was a bit unsure with the metal on metal contact with the JOM coilovers, however so far (touch wood) they have been excellent and would recommend. On my old polo, I had APEX 35mm lowering springs, and the ride was horrible! On these coilovers though, ride quality is brilliant.!

After being lowered for a week, I bought a pair of 19" Rotiforms, however I didnt like the silver/ chrome look as I felt it looked a bit chavvy, so I sent them to get painted Matte Red.

I then today had them fitted with 215/35/19 budget tyres as im a student