Who are you guys?

2008 city golf volkswagen

While I really like it, I'm wondering if I made a mistake buying an "oddball" car.

Not a whole lot produced, and seemingly, mostly for Canada.

"As of 2008, certain variants of the Golf/Bora Mk4 were still in production in Brazil, China, and Mexico. Revised versions of the Mk4 are currently on sale in Canada marketed as the City Golf and City Jetta and Golf City and Jetta City in 2009. The two models are VW Canada's entry-level offerings. They received a significant freshening for the 2008 model year, including revised headlamps, taillamps, front and rear fascias, sound systems, and wheels. Both models are offered only with the 2.0 L, 8-valve SOHC four-cylinder gasoline engine, rated at 115 bhp (86 kW)"

So finding a forum fit, finding parts etc is a challenge.

So far, I haven't had any real problems with it but it's just a matter of time dong 50000 kms a year (30K miles).

And I am determined to get at least the mileage my last Civic gave me 470000kms before I sold it.

not exactly sure..
definately need a pic of the car. or geezir to chime in if this is the right thread for you.

looks wierd but it has the standard 2motor so it technically is a mk4 caz they phased out the 8v 2.0 as of the mk4 model base goin into the mk5's its like a transexual mk4 that wants to be a mk5