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2004 volkswagen golf r32

by BlackbirdR32 on Jun 27, 2016
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen R32 2dr Hatchback (3.2L 6cyl 6M)

I love my R32. Second owner, picked up @ $36K in December 2007. Fallen in love with it the first time it came out but couldn't afford an additional car payment was I was still paying off my GTi VR6. Once the funds were available, I quickly searched and found my BMP R32. I love then and I love it now as it does not fail to put a smile on my face @ WOT. I don't want another car and I am thinking of just "refreshing" the car and replace whatever wear and tear parts I need to. My R32 will remain an N/A and I will keep it as long as I can.

by Ty on Nov 25, 2015
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen R32 2dr Hatchback (3.2L 6cyl 6M)

Ok, so I bought this car off of its original adult owner with 99k on it. I had been searching patiently for about 2 years for one at the right price, condition and mileage. This one fit the bill so we negotiated a deal. After owning the car myself now for 3 years, the R has not disappointed. I love the engine growl, the handling, the seats, etc. Fuel mileage: 20mpg city 27hwy have been my averages. I must say that going from an Audi A6 Quattro to an R32 was a drastic change. I do occasionally miss the ride and space the Audi provided, but love the superior braking and overall aggressive driving nature of the R32. The VW R now has 130k on the odo and uses no oil between the 8k mile oil changes. The interior has held up beautifully.

by dpod4 on Jul 16, 2012
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen R32 2dr Hatchback (3.2L 6cyl 6M)

I bought my R32 brand new in 2004 after test driving much more expensive cars. Nothing compared. I have owned my car 8 years. I have pampered it (garaged in the winter, park it like it is a Ferrari, etc) and it looks brand new (kudos to VW for the Tornado Red paint holding up like it is showroom condition 8 years later). I have not had one problem with it -- most trouble free car I have owned (compared to more expensive cars I have owned from BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Audi, Acura). And, more than any car (Lexus SC400 comes in a close second, and Toyota MR2 a distant third), this BY FAR is the most fun car I have owned. Hard to describe, but 8 years later, I am more elated than day bought.

by Dubsanator on Aug 28, 2010
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen R32 2dr Hatchback (3.2L 6cyl 6M)

I purchased the vehicle at a great price because it had a lot of miles on it, I have been driving it ever since i bought it and wouldn't trade it for the world. I work at a dealership and I've driven my share of cars, this one takes the cake as the most fun car I have ever driven. Period. Everything about it screams amazing, the look, the styling, the epic exhaust sound, the amazing handling, the peppy speed, the smooth six speed gearbox, and last but surely not the end or least, the epic brakes. All around this car is a great buy, coming with numerous interior features that barely come standard on your common exensive BMW. Like I said, wouldn't trade it for anything.

by Doc J on May 13, 2010
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen R32 2dr Hatchback (3.2L 6cyl 6M)

At 60+ I'm probably not the usual R32 driver but it's been my daily ride for nearly 6 years. I drive it hard and love it. Reliability has been good other than for major transmission repairs at 35,000 and 65,000 miles along with clutch replacements at the same time. I don't think I drive THAT hard, but maybe I push it harder than the average driver. I've heard that AWD vehicles a hard on their drive trains because their wheels can't slip to release strain. Other than that issue a wheel bearing at 70,000 and an instrument cluster replacement under warranty have been the only other major repairs. I've yet to replace the brakes (maybe that's why I have worn out the clutches!)

by Nobama on Mar 22, 2010
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen R32 2dr Hatchback (3.2L 6cyl 6M)

This has been a fun car to drive for 103,000 miles so far. With snow on the ground and winter tires, it is an absolute blast. Reliability has been good, needing just a wheel bearing and fuel pump so far. Of all the cars I have owned, this is by far the most all around fun to drive.