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2004 volkswagen golf gas tank

See, I can't see how there is any truth in that either (and I'm not calling you a liar btw ). Petrol is a liquid, so it will slosh about when you move, meaning that any rubbish is going to be continually moved anyway. Also, when you start your car in the morning, this rubbish will have settled to the bottom, so again will probably be sucked down the fuel line.

This is of course assuming there is any rubbish in the tank. But are they not all plastic, or plastic based anyway? So where is this rubbish coming from? Also, I'm assuming there are filters somewhere down the line as well?

So, I just don't see how there is any truth in this statement. I could be totally wrong however, so if someone else knows for certain, please, educate me lol.

Many years ago this was a problem with the metal fuel tanks rusting from the inside out, therefore many metal particals ended up in the bottom of the tank, hence where the idea came from..

As with all new cars having a plastic fuel tank, this is no longer the case.

The problem you have now with running the car next to ZERO, is the "crap" which is in the Fuel stations fuel tanks which get pumped into your cars, yes it should be filtered, but i think they is always a chance of something going wrong..

One further point is, its not good to run a fuel pump with no fuel running through it,