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2003 volkswagen golf brakes

Tools needed:
- flat head screw driver
- phillips head screw driver
- 7mm allen wrench socket (regular allen wrench can be used, but to torque the bolts to spec, a socket is best)
- 18mm socket
- torque wrench
- c-clamp or f-clamp
- (4) 18mm bolts (N-907-085-02 was the part number from VW)
- brake cleaner (optional)
- wire brush (optional)

First, the obvious. jack the car up, put jack stands under the car, and take off your wheels.

4. Unscrew the guide pins with a 7mm allen wrench socket.

7. Using a 18mm socket, unbolt the 2 bolts that hold the caliper carrier to the hub assembly (Bentley calls that a "Ribbed Bolt).

7.Clean off the caliper and caliper carriers with a carb cleaner or something like that. Use a wire brush to clean off any parts that might have dirt and dust on them.

8. In order to get the caliper back on, you have to compress the piston. You can use one of the old pads and the c-clamp to compress it.

11. Carefully push the new inside pad into the caliper piston. Don't break these metal clips, or your pad won't be tight in the caliper and will cause problems.

12. Tighten the guide pins to 21 ft/lb. & put the caps back on.

Put your wheels back on, take out the jack stands and enjoy your new brakes.

Don't do anything stupid. The previous how-to is mearly a guide to help you with the process. It's not my fault if you hurt yourself or do damage to your car.