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2002 volkswagen golf tire pressure

I have a 2004 VW Golf CL and the tire pressure plackard on the gas cap says "Avant 210Kpa" (in english= Front 210) and "Arriere 280 Kpa" (Back= 280 kpa.)

Now this is where it gets tricky, I've called my dealer asking what the proper tire pressure would be and they said 32 Psi on all four. If my conversions are correct my car says that the front tires should be around 30.5 Psi and the rear around 40.5 Psi, The tires are 195/65R15 91H, the same ones that are listed on the pressure sticker. Who am I to listen to and which is the correct tire pressure for my car?

Hi. I have the same question, and really hope to see some replies this time, come on people!
I just got some new tires in the stock size, and fill them to the recommended pressure on the door jam.
The front tires have the [U]appearance[U] of being under inflated.
When cornering hard the car feels really squirmy.
Again I have them filled according to the door jam recommendations I don't recall exactly 30ish lbs. front 40ish rear.
What are you running your tire pressure at?
I'm surprised that this is not a more popular topic, as tires are the biggest influence on the behavior and handling right?