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2002 volkswagen golf glove box latch

2002 1.8 with a glove box door that will not close. The plastic pins that hold it into the frame have retracted and will not release. Many discussions calling for replacement of the door and the door halves are glued so I figured it was worth a try. The door handle was fine in my case.

Split the door open with two flat blade screwdrivers starting at the bottom of the door. The shell plastic is very strong and did not break as I worked my way around the perimeter. One screwdriver held it open to let the other in and it was just a moderate prying exercise as the glued points popped open.

Once open I found one of the plastic pivot shafts the pivot arms move on - to move the door stay pins in and out - had broken off rendering the assemble useless.

I cleaned off the broken mounting points with brake cleaner and JB Weld-ed the broken shaft/pin into place. It is cheap plastic part so I gooped on the JB Weld around the outside of the piece as well as under the two thin plastic legs that hold it on. (Legs were the shear point) Repeated gooping on the other pin to add strength. Do not get the JB Weld built up where the arms pivot on the upper part of the pivot shaft.

After the glue set up, I drilled a hole through the cast hole in the pivot shaft all the way through the back of the door. I used a long 10-32 bolt entering through the outside of the freshly drilled holes and installed a washer and two nuts to help add strength to the assembly. Cut off the extra bolt length and glued it back together and that glue is drying now. Seems to work ok.

I did not include pics of every step as it is pretty understandable once you are in there plus your assemble may be broken in a different spot than mine.