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2002 volkswagen golf epc light

Thread: EPC/Check Engine Warning and sluggish acceleration

EPC/Check Engine Warning and sluggish acceleration

I have a 2010 Wolfsburg Edition and absolutely love this vehicle. Just recently, after the 30K maintenance. I started having this EPC warning/check engine light and very sluggish control with acceleration. When this happens, I have to pull over, shut the car off, wait, and restart. Had it looked at a couple weeks ago. Tons of error codes according to the service tech and he stated everything pointed to the ignition coils. He found that none of them were seated at the propper height, corrected it, test drove it and no problems. Went a couple days and it started again. I didn't think that was it because it just started out of the blue after 30K miles. The only pattern I have found is that it gets worse AFTER I fill the tank up (that just baffles me to no end). Thought, maybe something to do with the gas cap? I've gone a little OCD with that, tripple checked to make sure it clicks. I've tried the highest octane gas and from different gas stations. No luck. Why would this just start out of the blue after 30K miles? I read on another forum (mytiguan.com) that some other guy had is happening to him after only 36 miles, not even a week old. Software glitch?

It's just weird. I can drive it to work with no problem. Get in, start and its a 50-50 shot it will happen. Sometimes takes me 15 minutes for the car to finally start and run. Check engine light will stay on and maybe it will clear after my next stop and restarting the car. I might go 2 days without any occurance but then it might happen 3-4 times in one day. This is very frustrating. I still, despite all this, absolutely love this vehicle, best I've ever owned. For $33K. I excpect this to be fixed yesterday.

I will keep updating this. My next appointment with my VW dealer is Friday in the morning. Any suggestions or experience with this would be greatly appreciated.