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2002 volkswagen golf egr valve

I am blowing the P0411 code. I don't think my secondary air pump is working. I am wondering if a faulty EGR valve caused moisture to leak back into the SAP and ruined it. So before I replace the SAP, I wanted to remove and clean the EGR. However, the EGR on the 1.8T doesn't look very "cleanable". Is this worth removing and trying to clean? I am not even sure how to get it off but I'll figure that out. Just wondering if it's worth it.

1.8t's don't have an egr valve. they do have a pcv valve. It is cleanable but if you can blow through it its probably fine.

ok, that's pretty interesting. did I perhaps refer to it by the wrong name? I see the part listed on autoparts websites (kombi-valve or SAI valve). Is this part different from other motors whereas a faulty "valve" would not cause moisture to leak back down into the SAP? Thanks for the help. If you can't tell, this is my first VW. lol

ive had that same code since i bought my car. it doesnt affect the performance, only the cold start emissions. i only get it if i start my car on a cool morning. other than that it doesnt come on. the cel hasnt gotten annoying yet so i have no motivation to fix it since its nothing that affects the overall driving and we have no emissions down here anyway