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2000 volkswagen golf starter

Please Help:
2001 VW jetta VR6
Problem: Starter Will not activate using normal key in the ignition.

Things I tried:
1) Battery is charged and good. terminals clean and tight.
2) It is a 5 sp so I can roll jump start it fine. runs great.
3) tried both sets of keys
4) disconnected 12v wire to starter
4a) hooked up voltmeter to wire and I read 12v when turning ignition.
4b) with starter wire still disconnected I connected a wire directly to starter from battery and it starts right up and runs great.

So I am stuck. When I turn the key I get 12v to starter but it wont start. But when I bypass it starts.

Is it possible the 12v wire does not have enough current to activate the solenoid?

The only thing I can think of it to try a new starter.

I wouldn't try a new starter; if the starter is starting the vehicle when directly wired, then the starter isn't the problem. It has to be somewhere between the ignition switch and the starter where it's losing its current. Check all of the grounds, it sounds like something is shorting out somewhere.

your right. its not the starter. I also tried another relay (same as horn).

So today I connected a wire right at the relay (output pin) and ran it directly to the starter. (disconnected the real one).
The car started right up.

Not sure if this wire goes directly from the relay to the starter or is there any other component in between.

The other maybe related item is some sort of valve(?) that is betwen the engine heating hose and the hose into the firewall (runs to the heating core?). this valve(?) is pulsating all the time even when the car has been sitting overnight. If I dont unplug it drains the batter.

Does anyone have any ideas or know where I can get a wire diagram?

There are 2 wires attached to the starter. The heavy gauge wire comes directly from the battery and should always have 12v even when the car is off. The smaller wire comes from the ignition switch. It will only have 12v when the key is in the "start" position.

If you can turn the key to "on" and push start it as you said, then you have ruled out any immobilizer or anti theft issues.

Clarify these issues and we can help you get this fixed. Until then, be sure to park at the top of the hill!

My biggest issue was trying to find the wiring diagrams for the VR6. The chilton and haynes manual do not include it and I did not want to pay $120 for the bentley books.

Finally the guy at Autozone told me about alldata.com. I paid $26 for 1 year access and found the correct diagrams which are different than the other jetta models.

The 12v wire from the starter relay to the starter came loose from a 6pin connector in the plenum chamber. Could never of traced the wire without the diagrams. The wire diagrams indicated where the connector was located, which pin, and the connector color. This was helpfull as I was able to get access to it from under the dash.

Now on to the next issue. The after run cooling pump never shuts off.