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2000 volkswagen golf fuse

Hi everyone, here is my case with cruise control not working. My 2000 2.0 manual vas in
garage, forgoten for over a year. When I jump started it it was idling at 1200 rpm, temperature
display was off, cruise did not work and air bag light was on but it was running and I drowe
it for 4 months like that. No check engine light. Last week I claned air filter, MAF and super dirty trothle body, replaced one wacky wacuum hose, filled up engine oil, went 160km/h and still nothing. Today I found out online that there is a procedure to align TB ( trothle body) and then I remembered I have done it
Disconect batery for 15-ish min, turn the key to just before starting the engine and listen You will
hear fuel pump and then after almost a minute, tiny buzzing just under wipers. Wait for it to finish with a click, and strat the engine.
Now bug is back to 700-800 idle rpm, temp display is back, cruise control is back and overall. purrs like a kitten, runz like a. well..I was about to say jaguar bit it's 2.0
Airbag light is still on.

Well, seeing that your car's battery was probably dead, for the year; it most likely lost its throttle body alignment settings and they is why a number of things were goofy (idle, cruise, etc.). Your throttle body clean and "poor man's" throttle body alignment; probably did the trick. For the airbag light; I would recommend you get a cheap vw scan tool like the VAG405/VAS450 or the higher end VAG401 on amazon (the vag401 does a throttle body alignment). With one of those tools; you can get the vw trouble code and see what is wrong with the airbag/SRS. The most common problem; is wiring harness issues, under the driver's seat or the belt buckle receiver. Good job on the repairs!

Note: I had my car in storage for awhile; while I repaired my transmission and when it got back on the road, the cruise control was acting goofy (it had a poor connection in the switch; causing it to go off/on). I was able to fix that problem; by spraying some CRC electronics cleaner, in the switch on the lever and that fixed the problem.

Need to find a VW part number? Look up here: http://parts.vw
Then, use google; to find the best prices. -)