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2000 volkswagen golf clutch kit

When an issue develops or a system must be fixed, avoid the temptation to scrimp with a low-grade part. A Volkswagen Golf will reward you for installing the correct auto parts to run at its best efficiency. Fuel efficiency comes with a price, because your Volkswagen Golf requires high-quality auto parts to keep running at the highest mileage. Gas-sipping vehicles like the ergonomically-designed Volkswagen Golf are manufactured to be maintained in the best possible condition so they can continue providing high levels of mileage. Volkswagen is a well-known producer of solid and durable vehicles which feature strong design and enduring worth. Since you drive a Volkswagen, you enjoy comfortable seats and get the reliability that this great company is noted for. Your fine Volkswagen was created using care and expertise; it should get new replacement or OEM components of a similar high level of reliability. If you invested in a high-performance car or truck for its outstanding power and performance, insure your investment and buy outstanding aftermarket parts and accessories. Develop your Volkswagen's systems by purchasing the ultimate in top-notch engine parts. Although a vehicle clutch is a durable system, with use the friction-bearing elements can cease to work and need repair. A Volkswagen Golf Clutch is an integral component within the transmission permitting the current gear to be released from the car's drive shaft so that a different larger or lower gear to be used. Volkswagen Golf Clutches enable the transmission to switch gears by temporarily uncoupling the car or truck's transmission from its engine. To get tremendous performance from your vehicle, remember that good parts are part of outstanding performance - and we stock the quality parts right here. Our superior parts and accessories are a sound investment for your favorite vehicle. When you have any concerns about our accessories, our customer support people are available via e-mail or telephone - with the usual first-rate customer service!

We stock these Clutch brands for the Volkswagen Golf: LUK, ACT and Valeo.

Product Note: 225mm - LUK Kit contains: 1)038 141 032E Disc, 1)038 141 025P Pressure Plate, 1) 02A 141 165G Clutch Release Bearing *Please Note This a Clutch Kit Only* *Please Note This Clutch Kit is Only Applicable to Models That Have Been Updated with a 225mm Flywheel.* Original Clutches /Flywheels were 220mm* OE Replacement Flywheel/Clutch Kits are 225mm in diameter. **Please See 038 105 264J for Flywheel Clutch Combination for Models Requiring New Flywheel or Update from Original Clutch/Flywheel**

Detailed Note: Kit contains: 1)038 141 032E Disc, 1)038 141 025P Pressure Plate, 1) 02A 141 165G Clutch Release Bearing *Please Note This a Clutch Kit Only* Please see 06A 105 264M Flywheel & Clutch Combination*

Made By: OEM
(Original Equipment Manufacturer) - a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.

To put it simply, the clutch in any manual vehicle is the mechanical device that transfers the rotational power to the wheels from the engine. It is the part of the car which connects two or more rotating shafts. It is the part that controls the connection or joint between the shaft that comes from the engine and the shafts that turn the car's wheels. The clutch is a vital part of the working machinery in a vehicle as the engine constantly generates power and has parts that rotate all the time, but the wheels are not spinning all the time. You need to take proper care of your car's clutch to avoid VW Golf clutch problems.

There is no clutch that will last forever. As the miles accumulate, the facings on a clutch disc wear out. The flywheel and clutch pressure plate can become worn, scored, cracked or warped from all the friction and heat that the clutch generates. Oil contamination can also ruin a perfectly good clutch. Many things can go wrong with a clutch.

Clutch Slipping: When it comes to clutches, one of the most common problems is slipping. A clutch is supposed to slip while engaging the clutch to prevent the vehicle from lurching forward or jerking when starting out. It also needs to slip when changing gears to ease the shock on the drivetrain and transmission. However, once you fully release the clutch pedal, it should hold firm and provide a solid pairing between the transmission and engine. If it does not, you have a problem and your VW Golf clutch slipping should be investigated as soon as possible.

Clutch Repair Tips: A VW Golf clutch replacement, or clutch replacement on any other vehicle for that matter, requires a lot of labor and is an expensive affair. It is therefore important that you seek the services of reliable mechanic and use only quality spares. The best advice that experienced mechanics give is to make sure that all the major clutch parts are replaced when your clutch is repaired, not just the component or components with obvious damage or wear. Keep in mind that the clutch is a system and you should ensure that the parts that are properly matched are used and OEM specifications are met for optimum performance and quality. Also, make sure that an experienced mechanic handles any repair or replacement job so that you can rest assured that your car is in the best hands and well taken care of.

The average VW Golf clutch replacement cost is between $762 and $1108. Costs of labor are estimated between $580 and $733. The price of parts is between $182 and $375. You can get a personalized estimate that is based on your specific car and location. The estimates do not include taxes and fees.

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