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2000 volkswagen golf 1.6 sr

Well, from economical point of view, there's no point in getting myself a 525i (1080 tax, high insurance) so I thought about the MK4 Golf with a 1.6 8v engine. How are these in terms of reliability, and general use?
I don't expect it to be fast, but will it be ok on the motorway, or is the 1.9 TDI a better choice?
I know it copes with LPG quite well, so the plan would be to convert it cheaply.

Well, as long as it is cheap to run and I can save up more money for the 645ci, it's all fine and dandy

(Before judging, I would love to get the 525i, but for now, smaller car makes more sense. I could go with the E36 316i, but a BMW with this little power will be more of badge snobbery rather than a proper car).

That engine is very old, not very frugal and not very powerful (75bhp from memory). That said, it is very reliable and will be fine on motorways. You don't mention your mileage, but if it isn't high I would pick it over the 1.9TDI

May I ask why your choice of car is so specific? If you want to save money, keep an eye on the bangernomics thread. Ideal for finding in between cars that you own for a bit while saving for your dream car

That 1.6 is no better than the 1.4 in my experience. They are just as prone to oil burning and failing the NCT on emissions as the 1.4. Even apart from that issue they are more troublesome than the 1.4, they are hard on petrol and they are not a nice engine in terms of sound or power delivery either. Overall they have very little going for them IMO.

Interesting, I always thought the 8v 1.6 was fine from a reliability perspective, but the 16v 1.6 was the one to avoid. The 1.6 16v and 1.4 16v are the same engine apart from the engine capacity, so the 16v 1.6 will have all the problems of the 1.4 for sure.