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1999 volkswagen golf stereo removal

Please read Cautions and Warnings before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

Many Audi model radios have an anti-theft feature that is enabled when battery power is lost. If "SAFE is displayed on your radio, then this article will help you enter code to unlock radio. The radio code itself is located on radio code card in owners manual or through an authorized Volkswagen dealer. You will need this code before beginning the procedure.

  • Turn Radio ON. "Safe" is displayed.
  • After 3 seconds, "1000" will appear in the display.

-If "SAFE" does not display automatically press and hold the "SEEK" and "SCAN" buttons simultaneously or "MODE and "SCAN". Depending on your radio model.

  • Use radio station preset buttons 1 to 4 to enter the code number found on your Radio Card. (which was in the first page of Sound manual )
    Use preset button 1 to enter the first digit in the code number. Use button 2 to enter the second digit, etc. The value range for each of the 4 digits is "0-9". The digit will increase by 1 each time you tap the preset button. The number returns to "0" after 9".
  • After you finish entering the code, press the right side (">") of the SEEK button for longer than 2 seconds until you hear an audible signal.
  • If you have entered the code number corectly, "LSM" wll appear in the display. (I just was the radio channel indicator and then everything was working as usual).

If you've accidnetally entered a wrong code number, "SAFE" will appear in the display. Initially it'll flash, then stay on.

If wrong code number is entered again, radio will be disabled for 1 hour. Leave radio ON with key in ignition swithch during hour.