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1999 volkswagen golf gti

by m j on Jan 21, 2009
Vehicle: 1999 Volkswagen GTI GLS 2dr Hatchback (midyear)

This car is a beast, I never had any problems like these other reviewers, the only problems I have ever had with this car is the with the catalytic converter, and the sunroof always gets stuck, but the sun roof has gotten stuck in every car I have ever scene with a sunroof. So that's not to go against the car. Back to the cat/converter, I had to replace that twice thus far to pass emissions inspections, its in a bad spot (very low to the ground) I find rust takes its toll faster then most other cars, and it is about 700 each time to fix /after labour (usd) other then that I love this, and will be getting another VW in the future.

by turningjapanese on Apr 5, 2008
Vehicle: 1999 Volkswagen GTI GLX VR6 2dr Hatchback (midyear)

The prefect lemon--I even got it in yellow! Over 7 years of ownership I have averaged about $1000 per year in electrical repairs alone. It has broken down on the road six (yes, six) times. I'm counting the first flat time, because VW makes it impossible to remove the spare. The retaining nut for the spare is fused to its bolt with paint! Speaking of paint, mine is almost gone. The clearcoat began dissolving in patches at about 3 years old. The wheel wells fell off. At 83,000 miles it cannot pass NY inspection with two weeks of work done on it. This is the worst car there is.

by 1999 VW on Feb 17, 2008
Vehicle: 1999 Volkswagen GTI GLS 2dr Hatchback (midyear)

I had the window problems as well. Basically the regulators on the power windows were plastic. They put metal after market regulators in my car at 6 months and I have never had a problem since. Interior quality is very good. I have this car 9 years and seats look almost new. Dash still looks very good. Cup holders were a bad design and they broke on my car. I have had little issues through the years. Seems like a lot of plastic on this car. Water pump went after 3 years. The impellar on the water pump was plastic. Replaced with after market pump with metal impellar. and no problems. I have a manual transmission and still have original clutch with 121k miles. No engine issues.

by disappointed on Apr 20, 2006
Vehicle: 1999 Volkswagen GTI GLS 2dr Hatchback (midyear)

The car was great for the first 60,000 miles. At 80,000 the entire engine had to be replaced due to a valve malfunctioning. It was probally just a freak accident, nonetheless it shouldn't have happened to an 80,000 mile car. VW has numerous electrical and reliablity issues. And after reading the other reviews from past years, it seems we all had the same problems (window, cup holders, plastics in interior falling apart, and emmission problems). It's been to the shop more times then I can remember. I guess this was a bad year for GTI's.

by mermigkas on Nov 17, 2004
Vehicle: 1999 Volkswagen GTI GLS 2dr Hatchback (midyear)

I have had the GTI 99 model for almost three years. THe worst part of owning this model is that after 60,000 miles the parts start falling apart. Broken cup holder,broken plastic parts from the seats, anythig plastic inside is slowly getting off position. I estimated the cost of fixing all these problems and it is more than 1,000USD. Performance is great and fuel efficiency is there the cost of gas is good for the performance. Get it but know for good: After 60,000 miles it all falls apart.

by Cory Saranchak on Mar 31, 2004
Vehicle: 1999 Volkswagen GTI GLX VR6 2dr Hatchback (midyear)

A very mean engine with enough tourque to sit you back in your seat. It has had a few quarks but cars always will so why fight it. It has been a stylish reliable car that I would reccomend to anyone looking to turn some heads and light up the streets.