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1999 volkswagen golf fuel filter location

Replacing the Fuel Filter in VW MKIV and Audi A4's

This DIY covers about every VW MK4 and Audi A4 besides for diesel engines. For every other model, 1.8t, VR6, 2.0L ect. The fuel filter is located in the same spot with the same connections.

Audi/VW states the fuel filter is a lifelong part that never needs to be changed, even though they offer and recommend the service for over $200 dollars. Just like their "Lifetime Transmission Fluid" That the dealership will also recommend changing.

This DIY is not full of pictures as it is nearly impossible to take pictures in such close quarters. From the few pictures I have taken you should be able to complete this DIY as it mainly a feel while you work as opposed to seeing what you're doing.

Changing the fuel filter should only take around 30 minutes to an hour. Just make sure you go slow and have a lot of patience with the fuel clips.

Besides for being a pain in your A, tool wise this DIY requires almost nothing. A few things are recommended but not necessarily needed.

  • Flathead & Philips head Screwdriver or 7mm socket and wrench
  • WD-40, PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench Spray- Optional
  • 4" Hose Clamp that can fully open- Optional
  • Fuel Filter, 1J0-201-511A, Mahle KL-79 or whatever they sell at your local parts store.