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1998 volkswagen golf manual transmission

'99 Beetle - 1.8 Liter Turbo w/ 5-Speed Manual Transmission and just over 50k miles, thus no warranty.

Drove home (after backing out of parking space). Pulled into space at home and tried to back up to leave a bit more room for the car in front of me. and nothing. Car will not go in reverse. When I put it into what should be, and seems to be, reverse, release the clutch, and hit the gas, the car goes forward. I can put it in neutral and can also drive around and seemingly shift into all other gears (although I didn't drive it fast enough to try anything higher than 2nd), but not reverse. I let it sit for awhile and started it again, but no change, still no reverse. Tried jiggling the clutch and starting in gear, no luck. I had absolutely no transmission problem before this (I have had the car for 5 years), and noticed no problems, changes, or odd noises on the drive home. Any ideas?

And, how do I approach the dealer repair shop? I am afraid all it might need is a fluid change or a shift cable, but will get billed for a clutch assembly replacement.