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1998 volkswagen golf k2 specs

by bricknord on Oct 21, 2009
Vehicle: 1998 Volkswagen Golf K2 4dr Hatchback

Bought a pristine K2 with heated seats for $4k-ish. Great daily driver. Good on gas, just enough pep, simple to work on yourself. Airbags, so relatively safe. No better $4k beater out there. 5 way heated seats a bonus in winter. Nice cold A/C.

by MrMaynard on Mar 6, 2009
Vehicle: 1998 Volkswagen Golf K2 4dr Hatchback

I purchased my Golf K2 2 half years ago with 100K miles. Great little peppy car. But the back windows were dead and sunroof wouldn't open. I though it was a good car at start. But when the maintenance comes, you may wanna reconsider. All VW engines now must have Full Synthetic oil (which is pain in my area), sunroofs are known for leaks and failure, parts are way overpriced, or cant be found. Even repairs from Dealers are much more than compared to other car makers. They say the car the nickel and dimes the most from VW is the Corrado. honestly, I think its all! 1st VW I owned. last VW I'll own. Maybe I should have gotten an Older Beetle. Those hold up MUCH better than these modern VWs.

by Mayja on Sep 26, 2008
Vehicle: 1998 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsburg 4dr Hatchback

Trading in the ol' girl. Bought her when we got married. sensors and exhaust manifold is forcing the retirement. The thing handles awesome and still and gets 34 avg mpg. little rust in the hatch, looks great though. May buy the Nissan Rogue. The VW is a little narrow for regular sized guys.

by kyboy on Sep 13, 2008
Vehicle: 1998 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr Hatchback

Cons: Rear CD-changer won't release at 20k, automatic trans that won't shift up on a warm day at 30k, Door trim falling off at 35k, rattle in dash at 50k, oil leak at 55k with fumes into pass compartment. Pros: Performance, mpg, interior room especially for cargo hauling, the wonderful mechanically adjustable drivers seat, ride and looks (except for the headlight bezels, which looked outdated even in 98).

by Scott on May 11, 2006
Vehicle: 1998 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr Hatchback

I bought this car several months ago with about 68,000 miles, and I've put a couple thousand more miles on it. So far my only maintenance has been scheduled items like replacing the timing belt and new tires.

by Luna on Jul 28, 2005
Vehicle: 1998 Volkswagen Golf K2 4dr Hatchback

I love my car for various reasons. The interior design is nice with a very sturdy black fabric with red stiching. The stick has a sporty look. Much nicer than the usually boring interior design for the Golf. Also resisted my 6 year old spilling food in the car for years. It's easy to park in the city yet I've been able to move beds and bookshelves. My main complaint has been the molding on the side doors: a couple of years ago they started falling off and ultimately I had to spend hundreds of dollars to replace them (also made the mistake to throw them away when they could have been glued back on). Turned out to be an expensive feature. Tires seem to fail too.