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1996 volkswagen golf engine diagram

Made this thread to reduce the threads and questions that are "where is this or that". Just look here and you will know.

1. Mass Airflow sensor
2. EVAP canister
3. Fuel pressure regulator
4. Positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV valve)
5. Intake air temperature sensor
6. Throttle position sensor
7. Purge valve vacuum line
8. Idle air control valve (IAC valve)
9. Ignition coil
10. Brake booster vacuum line
11. Distributer
12. Breather valve on cylinder head
13. Oil cooler and oil filter housing

14. Alternator
15. High pressure oil switch
16. Engine fan motor
17. Camshaft position sensor/Hall sender
18. Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT sensor)
19. Low pressure oil switch
20. A/C cut off
21. Brake fluid resevoir/brake booster
22. Coolant level sensor
23. Fan control module (FCM)
24. Clutch cable (Self adjustable)

Thx a million. I just replaced my front and rear brakes and find that the pedal pressure returned after bleeding the brakes; HOWEVER as soon as I turned the engine on the pedal became super-soft again.

I was told the booster may be bad and I logged in to find out more info. Thanks to you I NOW KNOW where the booster is.

My PCV hose (the one that runs toward the front of the car) tore in half as I discovered last night, I couldn't tell you how long it's been like that.

Just wondering the potential troubles (if any) I could be facing with that hose just hanging open for the past few weeks (I estimate).

That line returns oil vapours to the cylinders to be reburned as a emission control. Everything around that could get oily (Including your belts), dirty air could get in the crack and get into cylinders, and you could experience a mildy off idle. I would just fix it.

Thanks for the diagram! I keep getting the camshaft position sensor code and needed to be sure it connected to the distributor! AND that Crankcase ventilation hose you speak of, MCROW, may have messed my timing up! THANKS!

What is the blue object between 9 and 10, and to the left of 21? I only ask because the tube leading into mine has been cut and "sealed off" with a screw by a previous owner..

Its just a vacuum hose that leads up near the wiper motor, not to sure where it goes actually. It should be fine if its sealed.

Yeah the consensus I've received so far from about 4 people is it's nothing to worry about, but nobody seems to know what it is haha. My buddy has an Mk4 golf and I think he said his was cut too or something like that.

I need to identify the Camshaft position sensor on my Jetta 1996 GL. I am confused because sometimes I see that some pictures shows it inside the distributor and sometimes they say that it is next to the engine. All I know is that the sensor in the distributor is called distributor sensor. Am I right?

Please help me to confirm is the distributor sensor is the same as the Camshaft sensor.