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1996 volkswagen golf clutch replacement

Thanks for the reply. I'm replacing the cable because I didn't realize that the self adjuster had to be compressed and locked before disassembly and the cable adjuster has sprung. I believe it's the original cable, as there's no lock device on the cable to begin with. My problem at this point is that I guessed the cable should simply unhook from the pedal, but I cna't get it to do so. I can't see the top of the pedal, even with the lower dash panel removed. There's a plastic 'shroud' around the pedal assembly that keeps the pedals and cables from getting tangled up in the car's wiring, which is also preventing me from seeing or reachhing the top of the pedal. With the return spring removed I can get a finger on the top of the pedal but still can't tell where the damned cable should come out of the pedal. Anyone got a picture of the top of the pedal? Exactly how do you "simply unhook" the cable from the top of the pedal? There's not much room up there and no matter what I do with the cable I can't seem to get it loose from the pedal.

Ok, for anyone looking at this who wants to know, the answer to this is:
  • Remove clutch pedal; to do this, remove spring clip and slide pivot shaft towards passenger side of car. Clutch pedal now comes off.
  • Unhook clutch cable from pedal; there is a retaining clip on the ferrule that must be manipulated but it comes out with the aid of a pocket screwdriver.
  • NOw the clutch cable comes through the firewall.
  • Install new cable through firewall and insert in clutch pedal
  • In order to get the new cable ferrule in the pedal it is necessary to "roll" it into its recess with the retaining clip on, first one side of the clip then the otehr until fully engaged.
  • reinstall clutch pedal, slide shaft back through.
  • **NOTE**: The clip on the brake pedal side of the pivot shaft is a spring clip, and keeps tension on the shaft. It is necessary to remove this clip, slide the pivot shaft far enough to the left (drivers side) to install the retaining clip, then slide back towards the right and install the spring clip.
  • Now proceed with the rest of the clutch cable installation, including remove the retainer for the self adjuster mechanism AFTER the cable is installed in the release arm.
That was a MAJOR headach until I realized that the pivot shaft moved. I thought it was fixed. My wife's cousin is a longtime VW tech and finally came over and bailed me out before I burned this car down.