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1994 volkswagen golf mpg

by golf_driver on Mar 26, 2008
Vehicle: 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr Hatchback

I got my Golf as a graduation gift in 2007 and have been fairly happy with it. The guy that owned it before me put a clutch in it after learning how to drive a standard, has some sketchy rust spots (originally a VT car), the engine cuts out at odd moments (due to the MAF sensor), and the radio died a silent death when the battery was disconnected one day. Also, the drivers door lock cylinder comes out with the key and the vacuum-powered locking system doesn't work. Other than that and some routine maintenance, I love my VW and plan on buying a Mk. 4 ASAP. All my friends envy me my sporty little car and want either a Golf or a Jetta now.

by lowblackdub on Jan 15, 2006
Vehicle: 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr Hatchback

I just re-purchased my 1994 Volkswagen Golf four years after selling it. It was such a good car and the only car I ever regret selling. I've covered 180,000 kms. in it and it has been solid, with no major problems to speak of. It still looks, rides, and runs like it did eleven years ago when I originally purchased it.

by Gina on Oct 2, 2005
Vehicle: 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 2dr Hatchback

My 1994 Volkswagen Golf is expensive to fix, have has had lots of problems as its mileage increases. However, it is fun to drive, has very good pick up, and is faster than newer cars that I have driven.

by GermanGirl on Apr 30, 2004
Vehicle: 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr Hatchback

Parts last a long time. Muffler lasted from 94-2003, no expensive repairs. Very fun to drive on the Autobahn. Great gas mileage. Good to take on road trips. This car was built to last. American cars are built to expire.

by Andrewx5 on Dec 16, 2003
Vehicle: 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr Hatchback

This car is great as long as you don't have to replace parts. Volkswagen parts are through the roof! I love my VW, but I need to part with it to get a car that has affordable parts.

by MD VDUB GUY on Oct 26, 2002
Vehicle: 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr Hatchback

This is the 4th car I have ever owned and I have to say I love it. I have had a Subary, Chevy and Audi cars and this one has to be the best (tied with the Audi) It has been reliable from day 1. Fun to drive, fast and easy parking. Gas millage is awesome! Does not depreciate a lot. My wife's 2000 Hyundai depreciated faster than my VW. Its a great car. Easy to Mod. Great car for commuting.