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1984 volkswagen golf diesel

For Western export market there were some special editions of Russian cars. I cannot find details in the German Wiki, but I'm sure, that there were more than the Lada Niva "California". At least one special Nova was sold here, too.
Only for Western markets, sure. The socialist brothers only got the basic versions, sometimes even with less extra options than available in the USSR.

In 60s, Moskviches were upgraded on arrival in UK - proper tyres, radios, seat belts etc - almost a special edition. Some Polski-Fiat special editions were created in UK as well - vinyl roof, coachlines, badges, radio etc - and officially called Special (discussed briefly a few months ago). Maybe other countries did the same themselves at destination, not factory?

Well, if you talk about export versions,some of them were tuned-up by dealers. Finland even had turbocharged 2105. But it wasnt regular production.)

In Finland you could even buy GAZ 24 with V6 Ford engine fitted by dealer.

Sorry folks, but I mean special editions, not export versions. Somehow I think to be sure, that there was a special model of the Lada Nova, more details are missing.

Ah yes, thanks I mean the Nova spezial. Am I right, that this special model was only made for Western export markets? Sorry, but I cannot read Russian.

Looks like it was dealer version, rather than regular production. However, they said that there was only 200 of these ones.
Link to "www.autowp.ru"
I'm curious, how many left.

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