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1981 volkswagen golf gti

From memory the gauges should be volts, oil temp and oil pressure, they were VDO's so the same/similar as the Porsche ones, or older Audi's ( 80 cabrio's are a straight fit)

With nerd hat on that wheel is from an early (small rear light mk1) or the mk1 rocco. Though I'd keep it as its nicer than the standard or over priced 'campaign' leather steering wheels.

I've got a shed full of parts incl old trim, Orange indicators and window winders etc, from the many i have sent to the scrapers over the years so if you do need standard bits let me know and I'll probably have them, for beer tokens and postage.

Oh and on the fuel filler front, if the top is rusty, check the whole filler neck, as these rust worse than Alfasuds and its easier to just swap the whole lot out for a new pipe (saves crud in the fuel lines that can end up costing £££. )

ps. Just found my 82 GTI's handbook, the gauges are from left to right, to quote VW " Free for additional instrument, Oil temp Gauge, Free for additional instrument. "

I think I have a console that aint been butchered
around here somewhere

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